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Online Blackjack

Learn the History of Blackjack

Blackjack is based on a card game known as twenty-one. Although the game and its predecessor have been played for hundreds of years, its exact origins remain unknown. Today, blackjack is incredibly popular and stands as one of the most widely played casino games, both online and off.

How to Play Blackjack

The game can use anything from 52 cards (a single deck), up to a maximum of 416 cards. Games begin with each player being presented with two cards as an initial hand. The dealer also receives two cards, with one displayed and one kept face down. The aim of the game is to hold a hand of two cards equal to, or nearest to, 21. Players must decide whether to request ‘hit’ to replace a card in their hand, or ‘stand’ to keep hold of their hand. At the end of the round, hands are revealed. If your hand is higher than that of the dealer (but no more than 21), you win the round. If the dealer themselves has gone over 21 – a ‘bust’, you’ll also win.

Baccarat Strategy and Tips

Blackjack offers pretty strong odds of returns for players, but you can increase your chance of winning my memorising when to hit or stand.  What visible card the dealer holds is crucial in determining your next move. If the card is a ‘bad’ one (valued at 2-6) and your cards amount to 12-16, your best bet is to stand. If the dealer has a good hand, with (a 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or Ace), it makes sense to hit. The best strategy is to keep things simple. Don’t get tempted to buy into additional stakes like insurance bets, as these are designed to give the house even more of an advantage over the player.

Variations of Blackjack

Some of the most commonly played variations on blackjack include Spanish 21 (where the deck is reduced to 48 cards), Double Exposure (where the dealer’s first two cards are dealt face up), European Blackjack (played with four decks) and Chinese Blackjack (where all hands must total a minimum of 16 and the dealer is free to reveal the hands of players).