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Poker and the evolution of Video Poker

History of the game

The origins of poker can be traced back hundreds of years, with many individual card games from various cultures contributing to the popular card we know and love today. One of the earliest recognisable precursors to poker as ‘Poque’, a popular 3-card draw game in 17th century France. During the settlement of North America, French expatriates brought the game with them and the game soon caught on across the southern United States.

By the 19th century, poker as we know it today was born. The game flourished throughout the 1800s, with modern poker soon becoming popular throughout Europe and further afield. By the end of the 20th century, poker had become a stalwart of casinos, with poker tournaments and championships introducing high stakes and many variations of the game. Video poker also became popular, capitalising on the introduction of new technology to casino floors.

How to Play Poker

In 5-card poker, players are dealt five cards at the start of each game sitting and must discern the strength of their hand and base their wager on this. The player who bets the most will win all wagered chips if they go unchallenged, but if their bet is matched, they’ll need to present their hand to their rival players. The highest valued hand wins the bet. When a player wishes to back out of betting, they ‘fold’, protecting themselves against any further losses.

Strategy and Tips for Success

Different variations of poker demand different strategies, but certain tactics should remain the same, whatever game you’re playing. If you’re new to poker, start off by trying your luck on low-stakes games. This is particularly easy when playing online. You always don’t want to spread yourself too thinly, so concentrate on single tables as you’re starting out.

Poker Variations

There’s countless variations on poker, but some of the most popular include Texas Hold’Em, where players are dealt two ‘hole cards’ and must decide hands based upon five ‘community cards’ that are then dealt for the entire table. 7-Card Stud gives players an additional two cards, allowing them to make the best 5-card hand from their options. 5-Card Draw is similar to classic poker, but players can trade in up to three of their cards.